No matter the stage, Laurie uses her platform to inspire action, evoke change and invite others in to deepen understanding.

According to the CDC in 2020, approximately 1 in 36 children in the US was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In addition, an estimated 40 percent of people with autism are nonverbal and there are 31 million non-speakers with autism in the world.

It is likely that you, someone you know or someone you love is impacted by autism or another special need, disability or neurodivergent diagnosis. And in addition to that, it’s likely your life’s path crosses individuals of all ages, races, genders and socioeconomic classes who are embracing the struggles and the blessing these diagnoses offer.  

Difference is what makes our world work.

It’s what makes each person and their perspective unique. And it’s at the heart of innovation and growth. Our differences don’t have to divide us; they can unite us, and Laurie believes that when we invite others to better understand the paths we are walking, we are better able to join hands and walk together with purpose.

Why Laurie?

In addition to hosting a podcast for several years and being complimented for her conversational style that makes guests extremely comfortable, her message and experience has been called inspirational and powerful in the way she delivers her story. Laurie openly shares her honest, personal story and provides an educational component as well as ignites hope for others just getting started on their journey. But most of all, she is relatable and helps each person feel seen.

Laurie’s Most Requested Speaking Engagements

Welcome to My Life

Laurie openly shares Skyler’s autism story and how he’s been underestimated for most of his life, until Spelling to Communicate came along and literally changed the way his intelligence is perceived. 

She also offers talks on the following topics: caregiving, marriage, inclusion, hope/resilience/strength/perspective, and spirituality (living out God’s plan/purpose). Laurie and her husband Josh collaborate to speak on marriage and relationships.

Laurie would love to connect with you to learn more about your event needs and how she can best support them.

If you have hired Laurie to speak at your upcoming event and would like resources to assist, be sure to download her speaking resources.

“I have had the distinct pleasure to both participate and observe settings where Laurie facilitated workshops and was a keynote speaker. Her skills as a presenter and leader are top notch. With her wealth of knowledge, preparation and conversational style you become immediately engaged in her words and ideas. Laurie’s skills as a keynote speaker provide a thought-provoking and motivational presence that draws the audience into her world and encourages you to shift your perspective. I look forward to hearing her speak again soon!”
Craig Lanham, Project Business Manager, Syneos Health