Celebrating Motherhood

The Mother’s Day holiday is one of my favorite days of the year.  I genuinely enjoy celebrating being the mother of two incredible kids more than my birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day combined. Like many little girls who played house with their dolls as children, I often depicted the ‘perfect’ mother as I imagined her…
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How Do You Do It?

I’m often asked by friends and acquaintances, “How do you do it all?” This statement usually comes after someone has observed me when I’m out and about with my two kids in tow, likely trying to redirect Skyler from reaching out to pull someone’s beautiful, long hair or smacking the arm of a passerby. What…
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The Damage of Timelines

Although it has been 16 years, I have never forgotten a single detail of my son’s autism diagnosis. The sterile exam room overwhelmed my senses. Waves of peroxide and latex stung my nose. Unwelcoming, stark white walls irritated my eyes. The click of the neurologist’s pen as he scribbled down notes, void of any emotion,…
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Autism Is Not Always to Blame

From as far back as I can remember, Skyler has always expressed himself by using his hands. The most common of his ‘gestures’ is open hand smacking of walls, cupboards, doors, counters, people, etc.  Basically, if he could reach it, he would hit it. Hair pulling was his second favorite method of contact.  Oddly enough,…
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Sibling Shadows

With much of my life and the majority of my social media posts revolving around autism, the impact that diagnosis has on each member of our family – particularly my daughter, often goes unaddressed. Parenting neurotypical children while simultaneously managing the ups and downs and countless unknowns of a special needs child is extremely hard….
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Rites of Passage

I’m going to be completely honest and vulnerable here. I’ve been struggling with my emotions the last few weeks and haven’t really felt much like writing, talking or doing much of anything. I don’t usually let my feelings thoroughly overtake me, but this is a really momentous year for our family – one that seemed…
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