About Laurie

With her hand stretched out, Laurie invites you to learn alongside her, no matter who you are.

For parents who are navigating a new and unexpected life-changing diagnosis for their child, Laurie wants you to know you are not alone. She sees you because she is you. 

For caregivers who are willing to try any to support those you love, Laurie is grateful for your support, for all desperately need it and appreciate it. She knows the power of community because it’s been powerful for her as well. 

For those who seek to understand, Laurie believes that this world is one we all deserve to be a part of. She’s thankful for your commitment to creating an inclusive environment where all are welcomed and loved.

Meet Laurie Hellmann

Throughout her entire life, Laurie Hellmann has assumed the role of caregiver, advocate and leader, so it comes as no surprise that she immediately jumped into action to navigate the challenging world of autism and share what she’s learned with others when her first born, Skyler, was diagnosed with severe, non-verbal autism in 2006. Laurie’s 24-year professional career in the healthcare industry combined with her 20 years of personal experience as a parent caregiver to a young adult son with profound needs has made her a sought-after speaker and thought leader whose empowering message and uplifting perspective opens minds and soothes souls.

Laurie is a self-professed “warrior mom” whose honesty, humor and authenticity have connected her to families, medical professionals, therapists and, frankly, everyone she meets. Through her podcast, “Living the Sky Life — Our Autism Journey,” her book, Welcome to My Life: A Personal Parenting Journey Through Autism, and her advocacy work, volunteerism, and speaking, Laurie is continually making a lasting impact in the autism community and beyond.

“In the era of posed and fabricated ‘Insta-worthy’ images of life, the vivid reality of our daily challenges is often hidden. For a special-needs parent, this is crippling. Isolation, self-doubt, and guilt often come hand-in-hand with the already-knee-buckling diagnosis of our precious child. In this book, Laurie Hellmann bravely and beautifully lifts the veil into the lives and struggles that so many of us endure alone, in silence. In doing so, she shares a remarkable story of inner strength and love for her family. Welcome to My Life should be required reading for all parents.”

—Jerry Turning (Mr. Bacon), Blogger: “Bacon and Juice Boxes—Our Life with Autism”

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