Everyone deserves a voice, even if they find themselves or their loved ones voiceless.

From the child who isn’t able to advocate for their needs to the parent who can’t figure out the next right step to take, Laurie sees you and she understands because that’s a part of her life too as she raises her son, Skyler, who has severe, non-verbal autism.

A mother’s love, however, knows no bounds and even though autism presents various challenges for her, her son and her family, Laurie knows it does not define who a person is nor does it devalue or diminish their contributions to this world. Our world—even when it’s unpredictable and frightening, both deafeningly quiet and overwhelmingly loud—is still shimmering with silver linings and powerful lessons… lessons that Laurie and Skyler have learned together every step of the way.

Alone isn’t where anyone has to stay, and community strengthens the voices of all. Laurie invites all who are passionate about using their voices to share a message of hope, inclusion, perseverance and opportunity as she pulls back the curtain and reveals the brutally honest and heartwarming accounts families navigating autism and other special needs experience daily.

Opportunity is available when hope is shared and embraced.

Knowledge is possible when understanding is sought out.

Change can happen when all voices equally matter and are heard.

Hey, I’m Laurie. Welcome to My Life.

I’m a self-professed “warrior mom” whose honesty, humor and authenticity have connected me to families, medical professionals, therapists and frankly everyone I meet. (I’ve yet to meet a stranger.) When my son, Skyler, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, I uncovered my life’s purpose: to advocate for those who need and deserve it most.

Through my podcast, Living the Sky Life—Our Autism Journey, my book Welcome to My Life: A Personal Parenting Journey Through Autism, and my advocacy work, I seek to make a lasting impact in the autism community and beyond however and wherever I can.

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Publications Featuring Laurie’s Writing

Publications Featuring Laurie’s Writing

Welcome to My Life is a memoir like no other—truthful and raw, hilarious and unexpected, heartbreaking and uplifting. Laurie’s book is a love letter to her autistic son and a welcome letter to the masses about the importance of understanding and inclusion. Experience the laughter and love, unspoken bonds and unflagging devotion of one very special family on their day-to-day journey … living in a world that will look all too familiar to other autism families and altogether foreign to outsiders hoping to learn more.

Laurie’s honest memoir is about perseverance and hope and is heartwarming and heart-wrenching as she bravely and beautifully lifts the veil into the lives and struggles that so many of us endure alone, in silence. Take a journey with her as she gives voice to Skyler’s story and visibility to other children and adults on the autism spectrum.

“This is an amazing and emotional story about love, hope, faith and advocacy. Laurie pours her heart out in an attempt to tell her story and, in doing so, helps so many others. Welcome to My Life is a book you’ll want to read more than once. It will be a blessing to so many!” -Kelly Davis, Autism Mom, @GrowingUpSteven

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